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Thanks to  [profile] ulyferal my fics now have a lemonly fresh beta smell! 

Story: Moon Child
SS/RL, + child.
WARNINGS: Implied MPreg, but could also be read as implied adoption.  
Raiting: PG
Summary: Everyone allways thinks Severus's child will be brilliant. But what will Severus's do when his child has a serious learning disability?

Story: Severus's Present
WARNINGS: Slash, Bondage, toys, misuse of silk and candy canes, sex magic, threesomes. 
The OMC is Jason Cox, an OMC of logn standing from in the stroy arch at  [profile] hp_holidays
Raiting: NC17
Summary: Remus gets Severus what he has always wanted (well, other than James Potter as his sex slave) 

Story: A Halloween costume
SS/RL, SS/RL/OMC,  + Sev and Rem's son and his friends. NOT the same fic universe as Moon Child.
The OMC is Jason Cox, an OMC of logn standing from in the stroy arch at  [profile] hp_holidays
Raiting: PG13
Summary: Hogwarts school has its 1st trick-o-treat and Severus' and Remus' son has a great idea for an outfit. 

Story: Persuasion
The OMC is Jason Cox, an OMC of logn standing from in the stroy arch at  [profile] hp_holidays
WARNINGS: Slash, food sex, bondage, sex magic
Summary: Remus must convence Severus to allow an american holiday.

Story: The Maestro
Fawkes/Historical Charter, Fawkes/AD, Fawkes/contemporary charter
Raiting: G
Summary: The Phoenix we knew as Fawkes and three of his masters.

Story: Light Red Boxers
Raiting: PG-13
Summary: A christmas gift from Sevvie to his Wolfie.

Story: 10 things you didn't know about Molly.
Molly, Molly/Arthur, the rest of the Weasleys, Lucius Malfoy
Raiting: G
Summary: 10 facts about Molly, her family, and one who wishes to harm them.

Two olds stories that are also beted

Story: The Good Fight
Raiting: PG13
Summary: Story of a wich adn wizard from a small Irish magic school and their life during the Voldie War.

Story: Ron's War
RW/Mystery charter
WARNINGS: Dark!Fic, drugs, sucide hints, death
Summary: Ron faught with Harry in the Voldie War, but now he has his own battle to fight.
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A Halloween costume.
A/N: The charter Padriac is the reincarnated version of Sirius, the back story for which you can find here. He has no real memories of being Sirius, just flashes and odd dreams. Maxx and Rubie are the twin children of Hagrid and Madame Maxime. The twins are fourth years, Padriac is a second year. Rubie is in Gryffindor, Maxx in Ravenclaw, and Padriac is in…SLYTHERN!
This is part 1 of the final Halloween story arch. Next up thanksgiving.

Raiting: PG
Severus/Remus, Severus/Remus/OMC
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