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Story: 10 things you didn’t know about Eckeltricity
Raiting: G
Summary: 10 things you didn’t know about Eckeltricity

10 things you didn’t know about Eckeltricity
A/N: This story is closely related to “10 things you didn’t know about Arthur Weasley
1. When Arthur Weasley, the founder of eckeltricity, was 10 an uncle of his took him out into the Muggle world to the London Science Museum. It was there that Arthur first saw a display on electricity. However, his glasses needed a new prescription, so he thought it was on eckeltricity
2. He spent the next year combing Muggle libraries for information on eckeltricity. Finding nothing he decided to ask the first Muggle-born he could find on the Hogwarts express.
3. Upon boarding the Hogwarts express Arthur cornered the first Muggle-born he found, Ted Tonks and asked him what eckeltricity was. Ted said he had no idea what eckeltricity was. None the less Arthur stayed in the compartment with Ted.
4. About an hour into the ride a girl came into their compartment. She said he name was Molly and asked if she could stay in their compartment with them, because she was being harassed by her 3rd cousin Lysandra Nott.
5. The boys agreed and Molly sat down. She sat across from Arthur. He spent the rest of the ride describing eckeltricity to Molly and Ted. Ted suggested that Arthur was actually talking about electricity, but Arthur insisted that the sign had said eckeltricity.
6. Molly rolled her eyes at the boys and took out one of her books. As they rode thru the country side Arthur watched the sun sparkle off of Molly’s hair and thought that maybe that was what eckeltricity was.
7. After the winter ball, when Arthur and Molly were 15, they snuck out into the gardens around Hogwarts. Arthur held Molly close to him, their breath frosting in the cold December air. Molly turned around in his arms, looking up into his eyes. She leaned forward, bringing her lips up to his. As they kissed for the first time Arthur changed his mind. Eckeltricity wasn’t the way the sun played off the hair of his Mollywobbles. Eckeltricity was what he felt when he kissed her.
8. After graduation Arthur pulled Molly off to the side. Molly had been hoping that this would be the moment for her, but was disappointed when Arthur started to go on about eckeltricity again, and how it was all around us and in everything. She had heard this all many times before and so she was surprised when Arthur got down on one knee, holding out a small golden band to her. Molly started to cry when Arthur told her; “You are my eckeltricity Molly Ginevra Prewett, without you my life is dull and grey. Will you marry me?”
9. Arthur managed to use the word eckeltricity 17 times in his wedding vows.

10. When his son Bill was born he though that Molly must have given some of her eckeltricity to their little baby boy, because Bill and Molly were the most beautiful things in the world and he loved them both deeply. As each of Arthur’s children were born he thought the same thing, finally deciding that each child was a different sort of eckeltricity. Bill was adventurous eckeltricity. Charlie was wild eckeltricity. Percy was calm, steady eckeltricity. The twins were chaotic eckeltricity. Ron was depictive eckeltricity that you didn’t see if you didn’t know it was there. Ginny, his darling little miracle, was fiercely independent eckeltricity, just like his Mollywobbles.

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