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Story: 10 things you didn’t know about Mad-Eye Moody
Raiting: PG 
Warning: Imp. charter death
Summary: 10 things you didn’t know about Mad-Eye Moody

10 things you didn’t know about Mad-Eye Moody
  1. When Moody was in school he was quite the ladies man. He dated, among others, Melania Macmillan, Irma Crabbe, Dorea Black and Athena Bruke.
  2. He once told Bellatrix Black that her grandmother (Irma Crabbe) always gave him a ‘fun time’ when they were in school.
  3. It was after that statement that Bella took a peace out of Moody’s nose.
  4. Moody doesn’t use a wooden leg for some sort of war time martyr statement, he use a wooden leg because the curse that took is real leg prevents any magical treatment of that wound.
  5. Moody was the last Slytherin Head Boy until 2027-2028 school year when Albus Severus Potter was awarded the badge.
  6. In Moody’s will left his flask to Harry and his magical eye to ‘unborn baby Tonks-Lupin’. He left his wooden leg to Voldemort, with instructions stating that it should be delivered to Voldemort by shoving it up a certain place that would cause rather uncomfortable results.
  7. As it was impossible to get to Voldemort at the time of Moody’s death the leg was owled to Malfoy Manor along with a bottle of oil.
  8. The box containing Moody’s eye (and a hunk of tree it was stunk in) was given to Andromeda to give to her grandson upon his majority.
  9. Harry was given the flask at his wedding to Ginny by Kingsley Shacklebolt.
  10. Much to everyone’s surprise the flask was still full of Moody’s drink. Much to everyone’s shock the drink was not Firewhisky but muggle Kool-Ade.

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