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Story: Ten things you didn’t know about Arthur Weasley
Raiting: G
Summary: Ten things you didn’t know about Arthur Weasley 

10 things you didn’t know about Arthur Weasley

1. When he was six Arthur wanted to be a Muggle fireman. To help learn this new important skill he did his first magic, and Incendo charm on the shed outback.

2. Upon finding that fire was hot he abandoned his dream and went to go flick acorns at a toddler Lucius Malfoy.

3. After that day he was never allowed near the shed again. Or near matches.

4. He was 10 years old when he first went out into the Muggle world. One of his uncles took him to the London Science Museum.

5. While at the Museum he saw a display on electricity. However, his glasses were in need of a new prescription at the time and he read the display sign as being about ‘eckeltricity’

6. Despite spending most the day at that one exhibit he never truly understood the concept. So the next year when he boarded the Hogwarts train he tracked down a Muggle-born named Ted Tonks and asked him what eckeltricity was.

7. Ted said he had no idea what eckeltricity was. None the less Arthur stayed in the compartment with Ted.

8. About half way thru the ride to Hogwarts a girl came into the compartment with hair the color of a sun set. She asked if she could stay in the compartment because Lysandra Nott had kicked her out of the compartment that she had been in.

9. The boys agreed and Molly sat down. She sat across from Arthur. As they rode thru the country side Arthur watched the sun sparkle off of Molly’s hair and thought that maybe that was what eckeltricity was.

10. After the winter ball, when he and Molly were 15, they snuck out into the gardens around Hogwarts. Arthur held Molly close to him, their breath frosting in the cold December air. Molly turned around in his arms, looking up into his eyes. She leaned forward, bringing her lips up to his. As they kissed for the first time Arthur changed his mind. Eckeltricity wasn’t the way the sun played off the hair of his Mollywobbles. Eckeltricity was what he felt when he kissed her.

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