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Story: Sleepy Song
Raiting: PG
Warning: Implied Charter Death
Summary: What happened to Harry and Sirius the night Lilly and James died.

Burnt timbers creaked in the silence as a dark haired man ran frantically toward the house.
“Lilly? Jamie?...Harry?...... HARRY?!” the man yelled.
Pausing, the man heard a weak cry. Dashing to the corner of the skeletal house, he pulled a shaking toddler out from under what used to be a crib.
“Oh Harry…Oh my little man!” the man whispered sorrowfully, holding the boy tight against him.
“Pa’oot! Want Mummy! Want Daddy!” the boy wailed, sobbing into Sirius’ robes.
“Shhh little man. It will be ok. I’ll make sure your safe.” he tried to soothe the bereft boy.
“MUMMY! DADDY!” Harry choked out in anguish.
“I’m sorry Harry, Mummy and Daddy are…are going to be gone for a while. But they will still watch over you.” Sirius said, his own voice choking with anguished pain at the loss of his best friends.
Sniffling the boy cuddled up to Sirius. Walking towards the end of the lane Sirius sat down, gently rocking the boy.
“Pa’oot?” the boy whispered.
“Yes Harry?” Sirius asked softly.
“Sleepy song?” he asked tearfully.
Tears ran down Sirius’ face as he thought of the songs Lilly had sung to her little boy. Taking a deep breath, he started to sing.
“Hush little baby
Hush little baby
Hush little baby
Don’t you cry no more.
Daddy still loves you
Daddy still loves you
Daddy still loves you
Though he's gone to war

Hush little baby
Hush little baby
Hush little baby
Don’t you cry no more.

Mummy still loves you
Mummy still loves you
Mummy still loves you
Though she's gone to war

Rocking Harry gently as he sang, the toddler soon fell asleep.
A short time later, a gigantic man could be seen walking toward them.
“Sirius? Is that little Harry you got there?” Hagrid asked quietly.
“I was coming over to visit James…we were planning a surprise party for Lilly…” Sirius said in a dead voice.
“I have to take Harry, Sirius, Headmaster’s orders.” the giant said gently.
“No, I’ll take care of him, I promised I would.” Sirius objected strongly, holding Harry tightly to him as the giant leaned down.
“Now you know we can’t go against orders Sirius. You go talk to Dumbledore.  Harry’s relatives will keep him safe for now.” Hagrid insisted, still being gentle with the grief strickened man.
Hagrid carefully pried Harry from Sirius’ arms, just as the boy started to wake.  Blinking in confusion, Harry stared at the giant in fear then turned to Sirius, holding his hand out to him beseechingly.
“Pa’oot! Safe!” he pleaded
As he looked into the toddler’s eyes, Sirius knew what he had to do. He had to make Harry safe.
It was time to go hunting!

A/N: Most likely one-shot, but its open ended and I may add more. Beta by ulyferal


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